torsdag 14 april 2005

Klok gubbe: Rupert Murdoch, 74. A digital immigrant

Rupert Murdoch, inget mindre än en legend i branschen, talade för American Society of Newspaper Editors - och vilket tal han höll.

We need to realise that the next generation of people accessing news and information, whether from newspapers or any other source, have a different set of expectations about the kind of news they will get, including when and how they will get it, where they will get it from, and who they will get it from.

The data may show that young people aren't reading newspapers as much as their predecessors, but it doesn't show they don't want news. In fact, they want a lot of news, just faster news of a different kind and delivered in a different way.

The challenge for us... is to create an internet presence that is compelling enough for users to make us their home page. Just as people traditionally started their day with coffee and the newspaper, in the future, our hope should be that for those who start their day online, it will be with coffee and our website.

Someone whom I respect a great deal, Bill Gates, said recently that the internet would attract $30 billion in advertising revenue annually within the next three years. To give you some perspective, this would equal the entire advertising revenue currently generated each year by the newspaper industry as a whole. Of course, all of this could not be new money. Whether Bill’s math is right is almost beside the point. What is indisputable is the fact that more and more advertising dollars are going on-line, and we must be in a position to capture our fair share.

Mannen är 74 år, och kallar sig själv för "a digital immigrant". Och ändå landar han så rätt. Imponerande. Dock, USA ligger långt före oss i "krisen för pappret" - än har vi relativt gott om tid. Men för att citera mig själv:
Use the revenue of today to build the revenue of tomorrow!

Hela texten finns här (från News Corp)

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